Virginia Beach Rescue Council

Council of Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squads, Inc.



I. NAME: The name of the corporation is specified in the Articles Of Incorporation (charter). The corporation shall be hereafter referred to as the “Council” in these bylaws.
II. PURPOSE: The purpose of this corporation is specified in the Articles Of Incorporation (charter).
A. For the purposes of this Article and of the Articles Of Incorporation (charter), each of the following companies shall also be considered to be a volunteer rescue squad:
1. Virginia Beach Volunteer Water Rescue Team, Inc.
B. Each volunteer rescue squad shall provide to the Council secretary, in writing, the name of its primary representative to Council. The name of one (1) alternate representative who can act in the absence of the primary representative shall also be provided, in writing, to the Council secretary. In the event of both the primary and the alternate representative being unable to act, the volunteer rescue squads can designate, in writing, a temporary alternate to act on their behalf at that meeting.
A. Election of officers shall be held annually at the December meeting. Voting shall be by ballot. A majority of voting members present shall be necessary to elect. The newly elected officers will take office on January 1st.
B. The Vice-President shall become President upon a vacancy in that office. A vacancy in any other office shall be filled in the original manner by special election as either the next regularly scheduled meeting or at a special meeting called in accordance with Article VIII, Section B. The newly elected officer will take office immediately.
A. The officers of the Council shall consist of an elected President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Their duties are as follows:
1. The President shall serve as the corporate President of the Council. The President shall preside over Council meetings and shall serve as the Council Representative at all ERS meetings.
2. The Vice-President shall serve as the corporate Vice-President of the Council. The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the president in the absence of the president.
3. The Secretary shall serve as corporate Secretary of the Council, keeping records of all meetings of the Council. The Secretary shall maintain a current list of all members, a roster of attendance of each meeting, and a file of the minutes of each meeting.
4. The Treasurer shall serve as the corporate Treasurer of the Council. The Treasurer shall receive and be responsible for all funds of the Council making such disbursements for expenses as may be incurred by the Council. The Treasurer shall make a financial report at each Council meeting. The Treasurer shall make a complete written financial report to the Council annually as reviewed according to rules adopted by Rescue Council.
5. The Director of EMS may serve, at his discretion, as a non-voting member of Council. The Director shall provide due consideration of all recommendations of the Council when making policy decisions deemed in the best interest of the EMS System in accordance with City Code.
B. A parliamentarian may be appointed by the President with the majority approval of the Council. The Parliamentarian will be chair of the Bylaws committee, if such a committee is appointed during the year.
A. The Executive Committee
1. The Executive Committee shall consist of:
a. The President
b. The Vice-President
c. The Secretary
d. The Treasurer
e. One member-at-large (elected from primary/alternate representatives)
f. The Department of EMS representative (non-voting)
g. The immediate past president (non-voting)
2. The Executive Committee shall operate under the following guidelines:
a. The President shall be the chair of this Committee.
b. The Executive Committee shall meet when necessary to conduct the regular corporate business of the Council and shall report to the members of Council.
c. Special meetings on other matters may be called upon the request of the President or any three (3) executive committee members with a five (5) day notice to members. Only business identified in the notice of special meeting may be transacted.
d. A quorum shall consist of three (3) voting members.
e. Shall have the authority to approve all normal operating expenses and conduct the day-to-day operations of the Council.
f. Shall assure there is an operating budget for the ensuing fiscal year and present such budget to the Council membership for approval.
g. Shall be responsible for all matters pertaining to Council policies as set forth in the bylaws.
B. Other Committees: The President of Council may establish committees to assist the Council in accomplishing its goal. These committees may be standing or temporary, as determined by the President or Council. The Chairs of such committees shall report to the Council as needed.
A. The Council shall operate on a fiscal year from January 1st to December 31st.
B. All disbursements of funds shall require two signatures.
A. Meetings shall be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each odd month with a special meeting to be held in December for the elections and budget approval.
B. Special meetings may be called by the President or upon written request of any five (5) voting members in good standing of Council.
C. The presence of the representatives or alternates of 51% of the squads that account for at least 1% of the total Released Core Ops Membership shall constitute a quorum to legally transact business.
D. Meeting Agenda
1. The order of business for general Council meetings shall be as follows:
a. Call to Order
b. Welcome Guest Speaker
c. Department of EMS report
d. Reading & approval of the minutes
e. Treasurer’s Report
f. President’s Report
g. Committee Reports (as needed)
h. Old Business
i. New Business
j. Adjournment
2. The order of business may be adjusted as needed.
A. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the organization except where they are inconsistent with the bylaws of Council or with any special rules of order adopted.
B. The order of business may be adjusted as needed.
A. Council members and their alternates shall conduct themselves, at all times, in a manner which will command the respect of Rescue Squad Officers, Rescue Squad Members, the Department of EMS and the general public.
B. Council members and their alternates shall conduct themselves in accordance with and abide by the rules, regulations, policies and standard operating procedures of the Council, the Department of Emergency Medical Services and the City of Virginia Beach.
C. The President shall notify the home station’s Executive Board of any Council member who does not follow the above requirements.
D. Should a member be dismissed, a new representative from the affected rescue squad or the water rescue team shall be appointed to fill their position prior to the next Council meeting.
A. These bylaws may be amended when necessary by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Council members present.
B. The proposed amendment must be tabled for a minimum of twenty-seven (27) days before being voted upon.
-- END --