Virginia Beach Rescue Council

Council of Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squads, Inc.


Supply Council

  • Position statements

    • Currently:  We are eleven different organizations (ten squads plus the Department [404]) making independent decisions and purchases, as guided by protocol, hospital purchasing decisions, and some Department-level mandates; and we are trying to develop ways to standardize.

    • By about 2037:  (TBD)

  • Forms & letters

    Approved restocking rules Vendor OMD authorization request
  • Tips / tricks / pitfalls to avoid

    • King Airways:  Always buy the LTS-D variant (The S stands for Suctionable.)  Buy only from BoundTree.  They have the exclusive agreement to sell the kits that are built by King itself, which has the most stringent (and supported) quality control in place.

      Medical supply vendors will probably give a volunteer rescue squad free shipping if you ask for it -- but to keep this benefit, don't place a lot of small orders.

  • Contract price lists

  • State minimums checklists